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piece bundle

Peace Chain
a peace chain reaction!

Over 23 years
I have made

Practice kindness and it will grow.
The more you share it the bigger it gets.

We are connected.
Everything is connected.
Every PEACE is the whole PEACE.



By cultivating inner peace, our actions in the world generate happiness and peace in others. Art makes the world a better place.

On April 23, 1991, a little after lunch, an idea came to me: “I’ll make a peace chain and I’ll make it the rest of my life!”. Starting with scraps of clay, I went on to personally make and distribute over 500,000 individual ceramic pieces. They have been spotted around the world with sightings on every continent including Antarctica! Always evolving and changing, I now include laser cut wood pieces as part of this planetary installation.

It is a monument to peace made of many pieces and connected with imagination. All who participate carry it, share it and make it grow. We are finding peace, piece by piece.

It is my intention to create a public art work supported by the generosity of its participants. This project is funded by the donations received in exchange for the individual pieces I distribute at events and through the affordable set price for mail order. Not limited by commerce, I love to gift many pieces as a way of demonstrating generosity. It is easy to lift someone’s spirits with kindness. I highly recommend it!

With art I seek to confirm and express that everything is connected.  World peace will not work for anybody until it works for everybody.  I hope to use art to bring attention to our common humanity, our shared planet and this mysterious universe we sustain with every breath. We are connected with art!

Peace All Ways!  


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